Israel and You

Hosted by Israel Team President Aaron David Fruh on American Family Radio. "Bringing Israel and the Jewish people into focus".

Podcast 8 - 10.25.2020 with guest Amy Zewe on the topic of why Millennials are turning against Israel.

Podcast 1 - 9.5.2020

Podcast 2 - 9.12.2020 with guest Bruce Pearl, Head Coach of Auburn University Men's Basketball Team

Podcast 3 - 9.19.2020 with guest Dale Brown, former Head Coach of LSU Men's Basketball Team

Podcast 4 - 9.27.2020 with guest, ACLJ's Stuart Roth

Podcast 5 - 10.2.2020 with Dr. Marlene Yahalom, Director for Education for the American Yad Vashem

Podcast 6 - 10.10.2020 with Brittany Bertsche, Millennial Graduate Student studying the Holocaust in Israel

Podcast 7 - 10.17.2020 - "Am I Chosen Part 2" - Interview with Yisroel Stefansky from Jerusalem